Consciousness Studies

Consciousness Studies

A Report on the Second International Conference on Integral Psychology

Beyond Postmodernism: Towards a Future Psychology presented by Kundun

Research Trip to Kumbha Mela 2001  by William Bushell, PhD

Happiness, Well-Being, and Reality by Georg Feuerstein

Hindu Yoga, Buddhist Yoga, Jaina Yoga by Georg Feuerstein

A Short History of Yoga by Georg Feuerstein

The Yoga of Science by Georg Feuerstein

Weber and Yoga by Georg Feuerstein

The Gods Within (on the vedic understanding of mind and neuroscience)
by Subhash Kak, PhD

On the Science of Consciousness in Ancient India by Subhash Kak, PhD

Trying to Become Real: and the Fear of Death by David R. Loy, PhD

Beside the ‘Intentor’ and the ‘Integrator’: Looking at Two ‘Faces’ of Consciousness
by Sangeetha Menon

Towards a Sankarite Approach to Consciousness Studies: A Discussion in the context
of recent interdisciplinary scientific perspectives 
by Sangeetha Menon

Understanding the ‘what’ and ‘where’ of consciousness: Revisiting the Bhagavad Gita
to ask a few more questions
 by Sangeetha Menon

Devas: Outer, Inner, Both or Neither? by Paul Muller-Ortega, PhD

Neurobiology and Yoga: From the Gods of Amygdala to the God of the Heart
by Antonio T. de Nicholas

Neurobiology, Communities, Religion: A Biocultural Study by Antonio T. de Nicholas

The Shadow and Karma by Antonio T. de Nicholas

Indic Influences on Modern Psychology by Don Salmon, PhD

Overview of Ken Wilber’s Theory of Integral Psychology by Don Salmon, PhD

Consciousness, Kundalini Yoga & Body Development by Stuart Sovatsky, PhD

Jung and Indian Thought by Pravrajika Vrajaprana

Rethinking the Metaphysical: Western Science and the Advaitic Critique by Mark Noble