Projects in Progress

Projects in Progress

World Conference on Indic Contributions to the Emerging Worldview,
to be convened by Dr. Robert Thurman, Dr. Stuart Sovatsky, and Rajiv Malhotra

Global Renaissance Institute:
An Institue for the Advanced Study of Inner Arts and Sciences in the Modern University

National Seminar – Psychology in India: Past, Present, and Future

Madhu Kishwar’s Book on Indian Women

Association for Asian Studies’ Special Issue on”Teaching Indic Traditions” in Education About Asia

Arindam Chakrabarti for University of Hawaii Programs

Dr. Arvind Sharma’s Appointment as the Infinity Foundation Visiting Professor at Harvard University

Dr. Jonathan Shear’s Book on the Major Meditation Systems of the World

Lancaster University’s Educational Fund for the Study of Asian Religions by Overseas Students

Yvette Rosser’s Survey on American Attitudes Toward Indic Traditions

“Consciousness, Kundalini Yoga & Body Development” by Stuart Sovatsky, PhD

Beyond the Brain IV: Scientific and Spiritual Perspectives on Meditation Conference

Mahatma Gandhi Peace Walk in Texas

A Measurement of India’s Secularist Policies by S.K. Menon

Dr. Guy Beck’s Research on Indic Influences on World Religious Chant and Music

Dr. William Bushell’s Research Trip on Yogic Sciences in India at the Kumbha Mela festival

International Conference on Indigenous Indic Traditions in Forestry:
Lessons for Contemporary Sustainable Forest Management, Bhopal, India

Dr. Subhash Kak’s Sourcebook on Indic Contributions in Mathematics and Science

Dr. Alok Kumar’s Book on India’s Contributions to Science

Dr. Ramesh Rao’s Research Concerning Media Bias In Recent U.S. Reporting of India

Dr. Don Salmon’s Book on Integral Psychology as Taught by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

A Report on the Second International Conference on Integral Psychology

International Ramayana Conference 2001